Dead Man Walking

With his choice of Pence as his VP nominee I believe Trump just destroyed his maverick campaign and its credibility by selecting a banal party hack undeniably connected to the corrupt GOP “free trade” corporatist, militarist and war mongering establishment. Even “Little Marco” Rubio loves this guy. His Trumpian base of anti-establishment insurgents thoroughly disgusted with politics-as-usual (not the GOP establishment’s staid rank-and-file base of zombies who never cared much for him) will never trust him again, and will stay away from the polls by the millions in November. This was done, no doubt, in a futile attempt to consolidate that #NeverTrump GOP base. This also destroyed any chance of cross-party outreach to Bernie Sanders’ economic populists disgusted with Hillary because of Pence’s “social conservative” views on gay marriage and Planned Parenthood. Trump may as well paint a bulls eye target on his forehead for the deep state who will no doubt try to pull a “John Hinckley” after January 20, 2017 if it didn’t already hand over and assure Hillary’s election. There are still months to go in this bizarre election cycle and the conventions and their ensuing violent riots and civil insurrections have not even been held yet. Let’s all see how this freak show plays out.


3:20 am on July 16, 2016