The Dallas/Orlando Parallel

While the media accounts keep shifting hour by hour, the more this Orlando thing unfolds the more it smells just like a Lee Harvey Oswald false flag narrative.

Oswald, a troubled teen dropout, an allegedly disgruntled Marine who learned Russian and studied Marxism supposedly wanted to defect to the USSR (but was probably a CIA/State Department intelligence “dangle”), returns home with wife and child paid for by State Department funds, hangs out in Dallas anticommunist milieu with CIA contract agent George de Mohrenschildt (longtime associate of G H W Bush), poses in New Orleans as Marxist, get into public scuffle filmed by media with Cuban anti-communists establishing this persona, learned marksmanship from Marines, employed at Texas School Book Depository (owned by LBJ/J. Edgar Hoover/General Curtis LeMay associate Dallas oil millionaire D. H. Byrd, creator of the Civil Air Patrol, of which Oswald had been a member before joining the Marines), had on again off again relationship with the FBI who were monitoring him, had troubled disruptive marriage, was alleged to be homosexual, had contacted both polar opposite CPUSA and Trotskyite groups expressing support, and, and, and, etc.

Initially the leading witness produced by the government against Oswald was his wife Marina (but she later claimed her testimony had been coerced by authorities and she recanted and said Oswald was innocent of JFK’s assassination).

The Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was allegedly a disgruntled Muslim who had expressed public support for Bin Laden and Islamic terrorism since his days in high school during 911, was kicked out of schools for it, had troubled disruptive marriage, contacted online both polar opposite ISIS/Al Qaeda Sunni and Hezbollah Shia groups expressing support, learned marksmanship from police academy, employed by top global security contractor, on again off again relationship with the FBI which monitored him, expressed publicly that he was homosexual, frequented gay dating/hook up sites and gay bars – including the one where the shooting occurred, and, and, and, etc.

The leading witness against Mateen produced by the government is his wife Noor. (Let us see if she later recants her testimony).

What was really going on in both Dallas and Orlando and how are we again being manipulated, for what ultimate purpose?


10:44 am on June 14, 2016