Professor Block,

I’m a philosophical libertarian who leans towards the Austrian school of economics and I’m aware that you tend to explore libertarianism in places where nobody has gone before like how we should deal with water or defending the undefendables.

I’m currently a graduate student studying cybersecurity and as I have studied this subject, I sometimes wonder how I would apply libertarianism to cybersecurity or what would the libertarian position be on certain breaches or aspects of information security.  As I have thought about this, I think it would be AWESOME if you wrote a book about how to apply libertarianism to the many facets of cybersecurity.  As I have looked on and even, I don’t find many in depth articles or information about this subject.  Cybersecurity is a very complex subject, so I think you’d be perfect to tackle the libertarian aspect of this.  I felt compelled to share this idea with you.  I appreciate your work.

– K

Dear K:

Thanks for your kind words and for your suggestion. My understanding of hacking is that is sort of like tazing innocent people: violating property rights with electrons. Who, knows? Maybe, one day, I’ll take this up.

But not likely. I’m a strong believer in specialization and division of labor. This is one of the areas I don’t feel comfortable in.

However, I post this since I think it is an important issue for libertarians to cover. Maybe this will trigger someone else, you?, into publishing something on this topic.

Best regards,



5:16 am on February 3, 2019