Corporations that Freedom-Loving Americans Should Boycott

The radical leftist cultural Marxists who organized the Trash-the-Constitution rally in D.C. and elsewhere last week picked out a few kids as their leading political pawns/mascots. One of them has the unfortunate name of David Hogg.  They stood him up at a podium with arm raised in a Hitler-like salute to repeat F-bomb after F-bomb while arguing for the abolition of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (without which the First Amendment would also become a dead letter).  The lying media scum made the little Hitler youth out to be some kind of hero, naturally.  The totalitarian Left has now resorted to the tactic of getting mentally-challenged children to publicly spout their crazed leftism, and when they are criticized they don’t answer the criticisms but accuse their critics of being cold-hearted child haters.  (The same people who champion the cause of murdering millions of children with abortions).

FOX News commentator Laura Ingraham decided to have a little fun with little Adolf Hogg by tweeting about how he had complained online that a lot of California colleges had rejected his applications despite the fact that he is “changing the world.”  Perhaps they got wind of his unhinged, psychotic F-bomb tirades.

Well. Little Hitler invited his fellow brainwashed children on the twitterverse to bombard Ingraham’s advertisers and complain about how insensitive she is toward “children.”  They did, and a number of cowardly and traitorous corporations have said that they are pulling their advertising, thereby lending their official corporate support to the totalitarian movement to abolish the Second Amendment.

Here’s a short list of what companies have so far climbed on the anti-Constitution bandwagon and which should be boycotted, criticized, and belittled by all freedom-loving Americans (and non-Americans as well):




Rachel Ray’s Nutish Pet Food




Office Depot

Liberty Mutual


9:37 pm on March 29, 2018