“Conservatives” Finally Criticize the Welfare State

The Faux News Channel talking heads really surprised me this morning by criticizing welfare bums and parasites for the first time in my memory.  The Republican Party, which expanded the welfare state more than Lyndon Johnson did when they were in power, does not oppose welfare statism.  The Stupid Party, as it is appropriately labeled, stupidly believes that America’s welfare bums and parasites may some day vote Republican. Therefore, it always supports an expansion of the welfare state, as Romney did when he was the Stupid Party candidate.  His position was the sky should be the limit with welfare spending, but the system may just have to be managed better by a businessman like himself.  The Stupid Party’s  propaganda organ, the Faux News Channel, generally spouts the party line.

But today there is a little dissent in the ranks because — horror of horrors! — they have discovered that welfare bums in Colorado are using their EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) cards to buy pot now that it is legal in that state.   Is there anything more stupid than the war 0n drugs and those who so rabidly support it?



7:48 am on February 26, 2014