Conservative Organizations Love Veterans

On Veterans Day and every other day. In my email today are two examples.

The Institute for Faith, Work & Economics (IFWE) “would like to honor all those who have sacrificially served our nation to secure and defend our freedom.” “Military service is an honorable calling.” “May we honor our military, not only on Veterans Day but throughout the year, and give thanks for the freedom and flourishing we enjoy in this nation.”

And then there is the Heritage Foundation, a think tank that thinks every military budget needs to be larger:

Courage, duty, and patriotism. Those are the words that come to mind when I think about our nation’s veterans – I’m so grateful for their service.

Veterans Day is a solemn time to reflect upon the service and sacrifice of brave men and women defending our Constitution, protecting our freedom, and securing the American way of life. Without their selfless sacrifice for our country, Heritage’s work to promote liberty and our founding principles at home would be impossible.

What is the problem with all of this? Simple. It is all lies. Military service is not honorable. The military does not protect or defend our freedom. The military does not defend our Constitution. The military does not secure the American way of life. Lies, lies, lies. We should not celebrate veterans on Veterans Day or any other day, as I recently argued here.


5:24 pm on November 11, 2023