Conservative Organizations’ Appeal for Donations

I receive e-mail from various conservative organizations. At this time of year, they are all asking for donations so that they can continue to fight against the evil liberals and Democrats. But since their ultimate goal is to have conservatives run the welfare/warfare state instead of liberals, they are not worthy of support. Instead, please consider supporting, the premier anti-state, anti-war, pro-market website. Although I regularly write for five publications and websites, and irregularly write for many more, it is only for that I write a weekly column. And if you are able, don’t forget to support the Mises Institute as well. In the words of Walter Block, “only the Mises Institute, guided always by the works of Mises and Rothbard, can be relied upon to consistently uphold the verities of Austrian economics and libertarian political philosophy.”


7:25 am on December 18, 2014