Congrats to Dr. Mercola!

He’s one of 

six leading online “anti-vaxxers” — Barbara Loe Fisher, Joseph Mercola, Del Bigtree, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Sherri Tenpenny and Andrew Wakefield–

whom the preposterously Orwellian “Centre for Countering Digital Hate” has smeared. Supposedly, these half-dozen humanitarians are

an extremist group that pose [sic] a national security risk,” because “once someone has been exposed to one type of conspiracy it’s easy to lead them down a path where they embrace more radical world views that can lead to violent extremism.”

Yeah, I laughed my head off, too. I’ll wait while you catch your breath.

Ready for more? The Centre’s slander and hysteria has infected “British and American intelligence agencies,” who’ve “labeled” our heroes as “a national security threat” because said spooks “are collaborating to eliminate ‘anti-vaccine propaganda’ from public discussion…”

Gotta say I love a “national security threat” that cured my migraines. I suffered from two or three per week, as well as lesser headaches, until I read Dr. Mercola on LRC and began following his advice. I’m eternally grateful to him for relieving my agony and to Lew Rockwell for bringing the good doctor to my attention.

I wonder what other blessings lurk in the hundreds of “national security threats” Our paranoid Rulers excoriate. 


12:09 pm on January 8, 2021

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