Conclusive and Undeniable: Lincoln Owned and Sold Slaves

In his new book, The Lincolns in the White House, Kevin Johnson documents that Lincoln’s wife, the daughter of one of the biggest slave plantation owners in Kentucky, inherited slaves.  Under nineteenth-century law they became the “property” of her husband, Abraham Lincoln.  Lincoln could have manumitted them, but Johnson documents that he instead instructed his attorneys to sell them into slavery somewhere else, which they did.  The book contains the legal documentation.

Robert E. Lee’s wife also inherited slaves but Lee freed them in the middle of the War to Prevent Southern Independence.  He was not, after all, an amoral, money-grubbing, egomaniacal Yankee like the old railroad corporation lawyer/lobbyist Abe Lincoln.  (Mary Custis Lee was Martha Washington’s great granddaughter.  Her father was Martha Washington’s grandson who was raised by George and Martha Washington).

This fact, combined with the fact that until his dying day Lincoln was plotting to deport all of the black people out of America (see the book Colonization After Emancipation by Phil Magness and Sebastion Page), should cause any American with an I.Q. above 50 to realize that he has been lied to by the “history profession” for about the past 160 years.  As I have said many times, the Lincoln myth is the ideological cornerstone of the American state, which is why there is so much money in becoming a “Lincoln scholar.”  It is also why so much vitriolic hatred is hurled at anyone who questions their official myths and superstitions about Lincoln and his war.  (When my book The Real Lincoln was published twenty years ago and the Lincoln cult went berserk over it, Paul Craig Roberts emailed me that:  “You’ve destroyed their human capital; that’s why they’re attacking you”).



7:45 am on February 25, 2022