Climate Change = (Coronavirus) **2

Yes, climate change is definitely linked to the current novel coronavirus (named SARS-CoV-2). The title of this blog indicates the link with an arbitrary formula: Climate Change = (Coronavirus) Squared. A higher power than 2 may be inserted.

The title means that enacting the Climate Change agenda brings us a much higher, deeper, wider, broader intrusion and control of government over our lives and welfare. If coronavirus is a 10 for intrusions, then squaring it makes climate change a 100. See here.

A proviso: The bad effects of the governments’ responses to this coronavirus are themselves going to rise exponentially unless this government-created fiasco is not ended right away. That’ll require modifying the “equation”.

Yes, they’re linked, and in more ways than one, but the links are not what the advocates of Green New Deals want you to know or think.

The Climate Change agenda is Green New Deal or its equivalent, and it’s often wrapped up in other items like no borders and guaranteed jobs and income. It’s total government economic control. Sound familiar? Coronavirus has brought a ton of unconstitutional government orders and control. Enacting the Green New Deal agenda will bring a ton of intrusion that’s “constitutional”. It’s the control that matters, not its being allowed by the Supreme Court.

The meaning of the title is simply that doing a Climate Change agenda is far worse, if you can imagine it, than “doing” a coronavirus control agenda. The blueprint calls for more years and more money and more control over you, exponentially more.

The very same people who are claiming very heavy government control of you and your lives to combat the coronavirus, they also want to claim even more and lengthier control, in fact, forever control, never-ending control, by enacting their Climate Change agenda items. Governor Andrew Cuomo included Green New Deal in his 2019 budget. Illinois, a leader in coronavirus repression, is also a Green New Deal leader. Biden, who supports the Green New Deal and its price tag of near $100 trillion, likewise supports unlimited government spending on the coronavirus: “Biden released his lengthy plan to combat the coronavirus online. It emphasizes that the government, ‘must spend whatever it takes, without delay, to meet public health needs and deal with the mounting economic consequences.'”

Waste, ineptitude, inconsistency, ignorance, misdirection, fraud, death, massive rights infringements, rule by whim, unconstitutional directives, repression, coercion, delay, underreaction, overreaction, panic, haste, disruption, irrationality, hysteria, totalitarian, power-grabbing, short-sighted, inane, unscientific, you name the faults and they are what governments’ responses to this virus have been.

Fighting CO2 (carbon dioxide) through anything like a Green New Deal will mean all of these and more, more intensively and more craftily.


11:26 am on May 21, 2020