CIA Torture Camps in Poland

Writes Peter S Rieth:

The human rights tribunal in Strasburg has just announced that Poland is guilty of having secret CIA torture prisons on Polish territory and must pay money to various injured parties. The Strasburg Tribunal has also officially announced that the Polish government conspired illegally with the CIA to build these prisons.

The Polish Ministry of Foriegn Affairs says it will pay the injured parties after appealing the ruling, if the appeal doesn’t work – it is not a lot of money, a couple hundred thousand euro.

This is horrible. In all of Polish history, the only times when there were torture camps in the country was under foreign occupation – no Polish patriot would ever build such things in Poland. So – given that – is it accurate to say that Poland is now actually under foreign occupation? Or, is this the first government in Polish history to build what are effectively mini-concentration camps? Polish honor demands that the people answer that it is the former, not the latter.

Terrible terrible news – it has been known – but official confirmation of it just makes it sink in all the more.


8:44 am on July 24, 2014