Christmas “Sales” at Gunpoint

Having completely destroyed the Venezuelan economy with fifteen years of socialism, the socialist tyrant Nicolas Maduro, successor to Castro-worshipping socialist tyrant Hugo Chavez, has responded to his government’s creation of the highest inflation rate in the world by sending armed soldiers to stores, forcing them to hold Christmas “sales.”  To Venezuelan socialists nothing says “Merry Christmas” more than armed government goons showing up at your business and ordering you around.

As with all government-enforced price ceilings, this will make the shortage-plagued Venezuelan economy even worse, as it will cause even more severe shortages and bankruptcies.  And this on top of the government’s declaration that it wants to force all adults to work on farms, Soviet Union gulag style, to alleviate the food shortages that its price ceilings have caused.

Ah,the wonders of “democratic socialism.”  America’s social justice cupcakes are increasingly convinced that all of this should be their economic future.  That’s what their college professors have taught them, anyway. (Hat tip to Jerome B.).

UPDATE:  Socialist Tyrant Nicolas Maduro has also ordered his “Pricing Fairness Authority” to steal some 4 million toys from a private toy manufacturer so that he, Maduro, can play Santa Claus and give them away.  If this causes the company to close its doors and lay off hundreds of workers, so what?  It’s more important to “buy” socialist tyrant Maduro a few more weeks in power with a fake Santa Claus routine so that he can finish the job of destroying his country.

Meanwhile, the LMS’s (Lying Media Scum) near blackout of news about the Venezuelan democratic socialist “paradise” (a.k.a. BernieSanderstopia) continues.


7:16 am on December 11, 2016

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