“Calling Albert Jay Nock”

A sign in my law school office reads: “never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” Bertrand Russell informed us that “men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education.” It should be added that it is the purpose of the mainstream media to reinforce stupidity, so that the political establishment can continue its rule by violence.

Events of this past week in Ferguson, Missouri illustrate how this works. A black teenager is shot and killed allegedly by a white police officer. Townspeople justifiably erupt in angry demonstrations, and the local police respond with armored weapons, police officers in SWAT gear and other military attire, point guns and use tear gas against the protestors. The media immediately characterizes the cause of the discord as “racism.” There is no doubt that racism is a form of entropy that has never fully worked itself out of our culture. That most vulgar form of collectivism continues to express itself in oft-subtle ways: Ferguson is an overwhelmingly black community that is policed by an overwhelmingly white group of police officers. But do intelligent minds truly believe that the federal government – headed by a black president – is sending armored vehicles, tanks, grenade-launchers, and other tools that were more recently used in Iraq and Afghanistan against local populations, to American cities just to keep angry blacks under control? Anyone who thinks that police brutalities and the police killing of unarmed men, women, and even children, is driven purely by black vs. white energies, should go to LewRockwell.com and pull up the last 40-50 articles – many complete with videos – provided by Will Grigg. Walt Kelly’s political philosopher, Pogo Possum, summed it up best some sixty years ago, in declaring “we has met the enemy, and they is us.”

Was the American Civil War fought principally over the issue of slavery? Was World War II fought to destroy the forces of anti-Semitism? Was the American Revolutionary War fought over a tax on tea? To give a knee-jerk “yes” answer to such questions is to confirm the effectiveness of the conditioning to which the established order hid its agenda for power over us all. When the tanks begin to roll down the streets of your hometown, and drones fly over your home, and machine-gun-armed storm-troopers greet you at your front door in much the same way as Janet Reno’s forces threatened Elian Gonzalez, ask yourself whether you truly believe that all of this is but a struggle over comparative amounts of melanin in our respective bodies.

As the institutional order continues to mesmerize us with its lies, distortions, and insistent propaganda – whether concerning Ferguson, Missouri, Iraq, Russia, Gaza, the Ukraine, or the latest diversion – remember to confront such attacks upon your mind with the words of Thomas Pynchon: “if they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.”


2:18 pm on August 17, 2014