Bob Woodward Warns About “Secret Government”

In 1969, Washington Post associate editor Bob Woodward began his forty six year association with the deep state as a former Naval Intelligence elite briefing officer of the highest ranking officials of the National Security Council and the Pentagon. Always the opportunistic parvenu with his journalistic finger in the wind (following the well-trod lead of his WaPo colleagues Dana Priest and William M. Arkin), as well as the intrepid Peter Dale Scott, Bill MoyersMike Lofgren, Michael J. Glennon, Laurent Guyenot, Marc Ambinder and D.B. Grady, Andrew P. Napolitano, Glenn Greenwald, Ray Locker, and David Talbot), he is now belatedly warning of the perils of “secret government.” Woodward, ensconced in the epicenter of the deep state in DC warning about “secret government,” is like Garth Brooks warning about tornados in Oklahoma.

“What should we worry about is secret government. If you look at Nixon, all of Watergate, it’s secret government gone wild,” said Woodward, whose newest book, “The Last of the President’s Men” is about deputy White House chief of staff Alexander Butterfield.

Butterfield, who revealed the existence of the White House taping system, supplied documents and other information to Woodward that suggests an even greater conspiracy to undermine the U.S. government by the Nixon White House, even prosecuting the bombing in Vietnam longer than necessary for purely political reasons.

“This was the other side of Watergate,” Woodward said. “This was managing the war to win the election.”

Politicians and government officials, Woodward said, are moving farther and farther away from notion of transparent government decision-making since the scandals of the Watergate era. “The message managers have taken over and we actually have learned less and less about what’s going on,” Woodward said.

In the forty three years since the Watergate Scandal, he has built his career reputation as author of a series of best-selling books on America’s military/intelligence Establishment. Bob Woodward has indeed proved to be a good and faithful servant to those secret forces within the corridors of power of the National Security Establishment responsible for the downfall of Richard Nixon and the destruction of the American republic.


1:11 am on November 1, 2015