BLM Is Anti-Christian

BLM is anti-White, anti-Whiteness, and anti-Western civilization. But Western civilization owes its existence and its critical values to the Bible as foundation and to the Christian religion. Therefore, a prediction is that BLM will also be anti-Christian.

To test this hypothesis, try searching on BLM + anti-Christian. Using Duck, I came up with a number of sources. First came several videos: video1, video2, and video3. I didn’t watch them. I make no representation as to the content other than the search produced them.

As for sites with discussions, there were this1, this2, this3, this4 and this5. Again, I make no representations.

What is likely is that BLM will more and more come out into the open with its anti-Christian beliefs and that it will inspire or even instigate attacks on Christians, Christian churches and Christian organizations. And since Judaism directly links to the Christian religion, anti-Jewish behavior is also to be expected. By contrast, under this hypothesis, there will not be attacks on Islam, Buddhism, Shintoism, Hinduism, animism, the occult, paganism, etc. There instead will be support of these and of atheistic and agnostic views like humanism. The socialist BLM agenda is humanist, for example.


8:04 pm on July 23, 2020