Black Lives Apparently Don’t Matter After All . . .

. . . to the black thugs, looters, and rioters (“Our Children,” according to Baltimore Mayor Stephane Rawlings-Blake) who were on display in the news a few weeks ago, and who are murdering each other today at  a record-breaking pace.   Thirty-three people have been murdered in Baltimore’s predominantly black neighborhoods, mostly in drug gang shootings, since the riots ended.  Al Sharpton is nowhere to be seen, of course, since there are no opportunities here to extort money from corporations or governments.  Nor have any affluent white college students carrying “Black Lives Matter” signs been spotted anywhere in “Charm City.”  The cops are continuing to obey their orders from Mayor Rawlings-Blake to stand back and give the criminals (a.k.a. “our children”) “their space.”


8:15 pm on May 24, 2015

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