Biden and Guterres on Same Globalist Reset Page

Antonio Guterres wants global tyranny. He’s a socialist who’s always demanding the so-called Great Reset, a tyrannical blueprint for world government. Guterres is the Secretary-General of the UN. In a recent salvo, he said “We have a chance to not simply reset the world economy but to transform it.”

“Pandemic recovery and our planet’s repair can be two sides of the same coin.” Biden’s reading from the same script. He’s also blending the same levers into one big push for globalist dominance. Before that ever happens, these guys are going to find themselves tarred and feathered and be glad that’s all the punishment they get. Their agenda is all bunkum.It’s utter nonsense to think that he, or Soros or the two of them or a room full of globalists and technocrats and corporate chiefs out of the goodness of their hearts and applying their profound wisdom are capable of running planet Earth and all its peoples. This is the age-old dream of all totalitarians, including the 20th century tyrants like Hitler, Stalin, Lenin. Trotsky, Mao, Pol-Pot. Everyone who values freedom must for starters say “NO”, “Shove it”. That’s just for starters. King Canute commanded the ocean waves in order to show his lack of power. Today’s would-be tyrants claim command over the world’s climate! They want power to do this, even though they cannot do it even if they try and even if they impoverish all of us in trying, and even if they reduce us to slavery. Biden and Guterres need a space reserved for them in the nearest asylum. AOC can run it and harangue the inmates. They are already listening to her anyway.
Joe Biden is on the side of these globalists. Biden’sreported to be “Exploring Ways to Tie Climate Change Legislation to Coronavirus Relief”. He wants us to eat dirt and grovel in a palatable way.

BIden thinks he’s president, but he has no majority support and no mandate. All he has is coercion, and there are answers to that.Usurping the presidency will end up destroying the Democratic Party altogether and maybe the other party in the bargain. There is going to be a transformation and a reset but it will be from below, not from above. It will be instinctive and powerful.

For a recent example of the brilliance of powerful leaders, look at the response to a virus that they thought they could avert by locking down whole economies. They knew so little about real economic principles and ways that they have ended up causing a catastrophe in the lives of millions of people, far qorse than a viral illness. The next solution they have is a mass vaccine, and that could easily cause yet another atastrophe via genetic modification of millions of people with unknown results. These are the same people who now want to impose a new structure on EVERYTHING: your bodies, your activities of all kinds, and so on. Their answer is slavery for all. Our answer is going to be retract the powers we have so foolishly concentrated in their offices.

Now that it’s 100% clear that Biden is marching to the cadence set by globalists, corporatists, Deep Statists and socialists like Guterres, the resistance will find a target in him and his presidency. Biden is a criminal and utterly corrupt. His usurpation will fracture as easily as his foot did. Harris will not last long either. There’s not going to be any way for these enemies of freedom to retain power. They will be drummed out of office.Their organizations will crack wide open. Their followers will desert them. They’ll soon be fighting among themselves as they try to assume a mantle that belongs to none of them and not to the usurper-in chief either.

Biden/Harris and the globalists demand SLAVERY for all in the name of contentment and safety and justice for all. It’s all a LIE. Our answer to “SLAVERY FOR ALL” is “FREEDOM FOR ALL”. Our answer is “NO. SHOVE YOUR RESET, SHOVE SLAVERY, SHOVE IT”.

If Biden is the choice, then Guterres is the choice, the U.N. is the choice, world socialist government is the choice, and American ideals are rejected.

If Biden is the choice, then “Build Back Better” in all its socialist glory is the choice.”Building Back Better is an approach to post-disaster recovery aimed at increasing the resilience of nations and communities to future disasters and shocks. The BBB approach integrates disaster risk reduction measures into the restoration of physical infrastructure, social systems and shelter, and the revitalization of livelihoods, economies and the environment”

This is all socialist crap. It’s the same thing being peddled by GUterres, Klaus Schwab and the other globalist totalitarians. The words spell out “SLAVERY FOR ALL”. Biden/Harris are on this band wagon.


8:35 pm on December 4, 2020