Better Sleeping Than Robbing or Caging Us

Someone out for a stroll near Richmond, Indiana, found more than she bargained for: two cops asleep in their cruiser at 8 AM. She photographed the snoozers and posted her pictures on Facebook, with the Daily Mail eventually reporting the story.

Those readers commenting on the story are outraged, of course. But why? Wouldn’t we rather these murderers and thieves peacefully slumber instead of brutalizing, caging, and stealing from us? I say hand all cops sleeping pills with their orders for the day. Bill Martin, who sent me the Daily Mail‘s link, agrees that we’d save many lives and vast fortunes that way.

On the other hand, check out the boss’s reaction to the cops’ nap:

Obviously, it’s not okay,‘ Chief Branum said.

‘It’s certainly something that’s not encouraged. We’re aware of it and we’re going to launch an internal investigation and in all likelihood there’ll be some discipline….

“In all likelihood?” I can’t imagine anyone for whom I’ve ever worked not immediately booting me out the door had I been sawing logs on his dime.

Mr. Mellow continued:

I think it’s common sense; I wouldn’t want to call for police action and have an officer sleeping somewhere…

‘And people with any other job would not be allowed to sleep while they’re working.

If any of you working stiffs out there have a supervisor this laid back, please let me know. But I suspect such insouciance abounds only in the public sector.

Meanwhile, back in Gotham, the cops have entertained us with a ban on donuts this week—yes, donuts, improbably enough. And not because of concerns with their ever-expanding girth, as I explain here.


10:45 am on August 11, 2017