Better Not To Be Ruled

My favorite T-shirt features drawings of muskets from the American Revolution with the legend, “I am descended from men who would not be ruled.”

Alas, men—even anarcho-capitalists—now not only want to be ruled, they wax enthusiastic about their rulers. Kristi Noem, governor of South Dakota, may be the least offensive of the current crop of sociopaths tyrannizing Americans, but that’s a nauseatingly low bar. At day’s end, she is still a politician who favors many “initiatives” that are never any business of Leviathan’s. For example, 

I tasked the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) with spearheading this broadband challenge. I’m grateful for the partnership of the Legislature as we approved $5 million in grant money to launch our broadband development program, Connect South Dakota. And I’m proud of the private-public partnerships [sic for “fascism”] that were forged throughout this process.

Then there’s this:

One of my priorities is to aggressively battle the meth epidemic to create a stronger South Dakota for the next generation.

And this:

As I travel the state, I repeatedly hear from folks that we need more mental health services in our schools. This year, I worked with the legislature to expand the number of System Care Coordinators. These professionals will work with our school systems to identify youth at risk for mental health crisis and connect families to needed services to prevent more costly interventions in the future.

I could continue, but you see my point.

Ms. Noem may indeed seem to have “it all — poise, intelligence, vision, strict Conservative values, integrity, bravery and so much more.”

And that “so much more” should bother all friends of freedom.


7:01 pm on March 1, 2021

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