Bernie Sanders Promises American Gulag

Bernie Sanders has tweeted this: “I pledge to pass a Green New Deal and appoint an Attorney General who will prosecute the fossil fuel executives who knowingly contributed to the climate crisis in order to make massive profits.” See here also for this tweet. Sanders has said as much in the past also.

This promise starkly reveals Bernie as a Leninist-Stalinist communist, ready and willing to impose his order by brute force; and that means prosecutions for economic crimes, ex post facto prosecutions, prisons, gulags and regimentation. All hail the soviets, which in our country will be called councils. All hail the crazed priorities of our domestic communists.

Bernie is a very bad man, a terrible man. Who has endorsed him? There’s a list here. These names and endorsements can be checked by searching on name + bernie sanders.


12:27 pm on October 26, 2019

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