Bernie Sanders’ Complaint

Bernie Sanders campaign is complaining that the Democratic National Committee is treating their candidate unfairly, and they might have to sue the DNC.  Why? Sanders isn’t even a “Democrat,” is he? Why doesn’t his campaign make the same complaint against the GOP?  Sanders has long identified himself as an “Independent.”  Why does he not run for the presidency on the “Independent” ticket?  Or is he interchangeably an “Independent” or a “Democrat” whenever it benefits him to do either?  Is there a falsity in advertising here, for which Sanders might be a more appropriate defendant in the courts?  I can understand why he would not run as a “Socialist,” which he admits to being. To admit to being an adherent to an ideology that has been so discredited in practice – other than in academia – that even the boobeoisie would find it objectionable, might be too great a test of the electorate’s sense of humor!


12:57 pm on December 18, 2015