Bergoglio’s Real “Faith”

Like most Jesuits, the current pope is in reality a socialist ideologue hiding behind a priest’s collar.  His real “faith” is socialism, as he has proven time and again with his asinine denunciations of capitalism as “the dung of the devil” and other ignorant communistic slogans.  He smiled ear to ear while meeting with Fidel Castro and happily accepted a hammer-and-sickle crucifix by the Marxist dictator of Bolivia while denouncing President Trump as a non-Christian — and much worse — for enforcing the laws of the United States, including immigration laws passed by Congress.  He is a “climate change” nut who apparently couldn’t care less if the climate change nut fraternity succeeds and taxes energy so heavily that the poor in countries like the U.S. will have to pay $30/gallon for gas and $3,000/month electric bills (presumably paid for with radically higher welfare checks financed by monetary inflation).

Not only is he a communist in disguise; he recently denounced those who attempt to convince others to embrace Christianity, something that has been an official part of the Catholic Church since the seventeenth century through its Sacred Congregation of Propaganda (as in “propagating the faith”).  You are not a Christian, he said, if you try to teach the Bible to others, contradicting the words of Jesus Christ in the Bible and the centuries-long practice of the Catholic Church.  Is the pope Catholic?


10:22 am on December 26, 2019