Belarus gets to secede but we don’t?

It keeps on going on.  The US taxpayer is forced, not asked, to pay for decentralization, secession, revolution in countries all over the world, with the blessing of the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Atlantic, right and left wing thinktanks, and mainstream media.  All of this without blanking, shaming, assaulting or canceling of criminals, the far right, the far left, nationalists or internationalists.  No calls for peace or tolerance, no demands to promote the lives of others over your own. Our government funds murderers, racists, right wing nationalists, left wing internationalists and anarchists abroad — all in the name of secession and revolution against an overweening state.

Yet at home we get droning doublespeak insisting that decentralization, territorial autonomy, individual liberty, transparency, less government and secession is not just wrong, but evil, hateful, and punishable by banishment, death, or state torture.  At home, to even suggest secession, territorial or individual autonomy, or doing your own thing is to be called a racist, right wing nationalist, left wing internationalist, anarchist, or murderer in the age of Covid by the very same organs of media, and by our government.

Alastair McLeod explains in a new article how economic fallacies come about, when he writes, “They arise from the modern states’ overriding determination to access the wealth of its electorate instead of being driven by a genuine and considered concern for its welfare.”  I think this pretty much explains how US foreign and domestic policy is made as well.  When the chickens come home to roost, and they are already flocking this way, things will get even more interesting.

By the way, when people get together these days in my part of the country, they generally talk about what they are stocking up on.  Just saying.



12:42 pm on September 13, 2020