Because They Can

As if sexually assaulting passengers and stealing their valuables isn’t enough torment, the TSA constantly dreams up new harassment. Its latest is requiring serfs to “place all electronics larger than a mobile phone in bins for X-Ray screening.” Why? Because Our Rulers can so order, that’s why: “TSA officials say planning for the new procedures has been going on for about two years, and is not linked to any imminent terrorist threat.”

Did you catch that? This nonsense has been incubating for two years. Can any of the TSA’s morons explain why no planes have blown up over the last 24 months if measures that aren’t “linked to any imminent terrorist threat” are so necessary? And if they aren’t, then why force folks to…oh, wait, I already answered that.

Meanwhile, this lunacy has caused serious delays at every airport that’s “rolled it out.” How much longer and how many more aggravations until the sheeple demand the cretinous TSA’s abolition?



6:39 pm on October 19, 2017