Attention Liberty-Loving Cops

I know you are out there because you have written to me on numerous occasions over the years, sometimes to complain about something I said about the police, but usually to say that you were a liberty-loving cop who was doing the best he could to be a peace officer instead of a police officer. I have met some of you at various speaking engagements over the years. I appreciate your efforts.

To you liberty-loving cops I say watch this video of police in Ohio arresting a woman for not wearing a mask while sitting outside at a football game. Perhaps you have seen other videos of cops chasing people off a beach or out of a park. It is time to draw a line in the sand and make up your mind what you are going to do in a situation like that in Ohio. Will you risk losing your job by not arresting people for not wearing masks or will you say you are just following orders when you handcuff them, arrest them, drag them to your car, drive them to the police station, and lock them in a cage for not wearing a mask? For years now you have been arresting people for possessing drugs because you are just following orders even though you tell me that you oppose the drug war. Are you going to do the same when it comes to masks? Will you get fired or resign your position over the mask issue? I know it is a tough decision. As a Christian, I have had to quit more than one job in my life because of unethical things that were being done and that I was being pressured to do. So to liberty-loving cops I say: If you live in a fascist area of the country that has a radical mask requirement, why don’t you consider resigning and becoming a cop somewhere else like in South Dakota or in Georgia (apart from the Atlanta and Savannah areas)?

And hey Republicans in Ohio, those of you who campaigned for Republican Mike DeWine because we dare not get an evil Democrat elected governor in Ohio, how do you feel about DeWine now?


12:10 pm on September 24, 2020

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