Attention Constitutional Lawyers!

A new Whiskey Rebellion may be brewing in Pennsylvania where a law firm has sued the governor for unconstitutionally ordering the shut down of law offices.  You should consider doing the same in your state if your own mini-Mussolini has acted similarly.  It’s obviously in your financial self interest, and would be a heroic pushback to the benefit of the rest of us as well.  Of course, all of these governors should be sued on constitutional grounds for all of these blatantly unconstitutional shut-down/stay-at-home-do-not-assemble orders, but at least this is a start.  That is, if the Constitution still means anything and is not, as Alexander Hamilton called it, a “worthless fabric.”

Here’s the law firm’s “Letter of Defiance” that it sent to the Pennsylvania governor and the state police.


7:41 am on March 31, 2020