Assault Coffee

I heard tell some teen died of a “caffeine overdose” back east someplace after downing a cappuccino, a diet Mountain Dew, and an energy drink. One would imagine in rapid-fire order. Of course, there are immediate calls for “something to be done.”

There is something to be done. It’s called getting your head out of your dufflebag. Look, yes, there is an LD-50 for caffeine. It’s something like 100 cups of coffee. But if you don’t do your own due diligence on the stuff you put into your own body, how on earth can the government convince you to do so? You can drink too much water and die, too. It actually happened recently as part of a radio show contest that went bad. So, what, do we put warning labels on water? Oh, wait! Better idea! Let’s ban it. Then no one will drown in it, either.

Maybe it’s all these “assault coffees” out there.  Maybe we need a cup capacity limit of no more than 10 ounces.


1:46 pm on May 16, 2017