Arming Kiev Is Arming Neo-Nazis

Along with the moral, pragmatic and other arguments against the U.S. government supplying arms and military training to Kiev, there is one additional consideration that should be openly discussed. It is that to arm Kiev is to arm neo-Nazis. The neo-Nazi element in Kiev’s government and in Kiev’s armed forces is both strong and indisputable. Kiev’s government is not Nazi, but the neo-Nazi contingent has organization, weapons, bodies and street control. It threatens Poroshenko with a right-wing coup unless he accommodates them. Much as the U.S. armed terrorists in Syria, we now have the spectacle of major figures in the U.S. government like Biden and Graham who want to arm neo-Nazis in Ukraine. These elements are the same ones that are responsible for attacking civilian populations and the Odessa massacre.

Even if Ukraine’s current government did not house these racist thugs who extol social-nationalism and a blood-purified Ukraine, the case against arming Ukraine would be every bit as strong. There are three main reasons for bringing this factor up now. One is to illustrate the low moral depths to which American politicians habitually sink. The second is to show that the moral justifications invoked by the U.S. in its spate of wars in the last 20 years do not hold water. The third is to provide yet another instance that a clean or just intervention by the U.S. government is mythical. The “good guys” chosen by the U.S. are usually not good guys at all, and the U.S. is unable to control them or use them to achieve good outcomes.


12:58 pm on February 8, 2015