Are We At Church or the Airport?

This Lord’s Day, I hope you were able to assemble yourselves together in Christ’s name to hear the Gospel preached and to receive God’s sacraments. 

A week or so after Our Rulers began exploiting COVID19, I found an Eastern Orthodox cathedral holding services. Unfortunately, I don’t speak the language of this ethnic congregation (gonna be fascinating to see how the Lord reconciles such differences in eternity!). But so far as I could determine, this was the only church within a reasonable distance that was open (and no wonder: the worshippers hail from a country dominated by Muslims; I doubt they would lightly relinquish their right to worship, unlike the feminized worm impersonating the American Church). 

I recently stumbled across a Church of Christ—in English, thank God—that re-opened one month ago. Not as good as if it had never closed, but better than the other wusses who still refuse to meet corporately (what, are they awaiting an engraved invitation from their god, the governor?). I had previously chatted with the pastor; he said, “We’re practicing safety measures, sanitizing the church after every meeting—” at which point I blurted, “All that’s just an attack on Christians, an attempt to shut down churches.” To my surprise, he quietly agreed.

So I had high hopes this morning. The church preaches the Bible and clearly presents the Gospel—but Communion… oh, my: two Masked Morons with gloves (a la the TSA) dispensed it. 

There is something so off-putting about a guy who looks as if he’s ready to grope passengers offering the Elements.


2:35 pm on May 24, 2020

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