Are There No Limits to American Gutlessness?

The Village of Gambier[, Ohio] approved a six-week indoor mask mandate for all public buildings, including businesses and schools, but like previous mandates Knox County Sheriff David Shaffer has no plans for his deputies to enforce the new law.

Yee haw! 

The mask mandate includes a $25 fine that would be enforced by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

“I have spoken with Mayor Kessler and informed him that deputies will not be citing anyone for violations. We will not put deputies in that situation. We have not enforced mask mandates in the past, and we will not enforce this mandate,” Shaffer said in a Facebook post.

So the serfs of Gambier are free, regardless of their rulers! 


Gambier Mayor Leeman Kessler prattled,

“Our hope is, just like we saw, even with that lack of sheriff’s enforcement we’ll still see compliance. Obviously, the schools were able to maintain masking last fall and last spring. We’re hopeful that Kenyon [College] and the schools and businesses are able to comply, even without the sheriff’s coordination in this”…

So no one who defies this edict suffers, yet Gambier’s sheeple still obeyed. How tragic that they squander the blessing of a sheriff refusing to exceed his authority!

Mike, who alerted me to this story, would no doubt join me in advising these curs and cowards, “Throw away your masks, grow a backbone, and stand with your sheriff against these despots before it’s too late.”


7:31 am on August 20, 2021