Are All “Crowds” Equally Hazardous to Public Health?

Comrade Fauci is on the record as saying “yes” when questioned by Congressman Jim Jordan this week.  A church that separates everyone by six feet in alternative pews, where everyone wears a mask, is the same as the never-ending riots in Portland and other cities with hundreds face to face and shoulder to shoulder for 6-8 hours at a time.  Fauci absolutely refused to say that riots (“protests” in the PC language of Jim Jordan) spread COVID and that governments should therefore limit or prohibit them just like they have prohibited church services, gyms, bars, restaurants, millions of small businesses, beaches, golf courses, parks, etc.  He only repeated that “crowds” — any and all crowds — should be avoided or prohibited.  Science, you know.  In fact, by refusing to admit that riots can spread COVID but church services can, he is effectively saying that riots are SAFER than church.

He is also on record as saying that singing in church is extremetly dangerous with all that spittle being blown about.  But not screaming “Black Lives Matter!!!!!!!!” by a mob of hundreds for hours and hours and hours.  The man  is a fraud and a hypocrite and a deep state weasel.  He has now outed himself as just another DNC hack.  I am convinced that I was right last March, before anything was locked down, when I told a friend that this whole thing smells like an Obama/Clinton/DNC/Deep State last-ditch effort to get rid of Trump under the phony guise of “public health.”

“Public health” is the health of the state, which is why the state and all of its appendages are probably busy making plans for adding Comrade Fauci for Mount Rushmore.

UPDATE:  The CDC itself is essentially a pack of Leftist activist bureucrats and a DNC Pac.  Of more than 8,000 campaign contributions by CDC bureaucrats in a recent year, only five went to Republicans, and totaled about $1,000.  Most went to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and various other socialists.  The biggest recipient was “ActBlue, which funnels money to Democrat candidates.  Thanks to Mike T.


7:12 pm on August 1, 2020

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