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Forcing folks to muzzle themselves is tyrannical, unhealthy and just plain evil.

But how much compulsion is actually involved? The push for masks appears to be a masquerade, as big a sham as the plandemic, based on the accounts many of you send me. And then there’s this memo from WalMart to its new “health ambassadors,” courtesy of Vera Fariello:

Your Role as a Security Guard Providing Mask Screening Services

  • Welcome customers as they approach the entrance to the store.

  • Remind customers of face covering requirements and ask that they comply with local mandates.

  • Remain calm and listen to customers concerns or questions.

  • If a customer expresses that they are not required to wear a face covering due to age, religious beliefs, or health conditions, respond with “I understand” and thank them for shopping with us.

  • If a customer that has not expressed age, religious beliefs, or health conditions refuses to wear a mask, allow them to shop.

    • Alert a member of management that a customer is entering without a mask and without an exception.

    • If police have asked to be notified when this situation occurs, Management will call the police…

Never physically engage a customer.

Never stop or block a customer from entering the store.

Never ask a customer to explain health conditions, religious beliefs, or other reasons for not wearing a face covering.

Vera “saw [this document] posted on Facebook. When she posts it to other facebook sites, it does not get covered up as ‘fake news.’ Thus it seems to be the real thing.”

I’ve not been able to confirm its authenticity otherwise. If any of you can, kindly send me your proof. 

But even without WalMart’s implication that “mandatory” masks aren’t, LRC’s readers continue reporting success in evading these diktats. 

First up is Tony Kujawa in Wisconsin:

I went into a local grocery store here … without the required mask only once so far and had no problem. We shall see how much longer that will last. My wife saw only one person without a mask at Walmart shopping.  Best of luck!

Yep, we’ll need luck if only one person defies this wickedness. Get out there and shop with naked faces, folks! 

Next is George Smith from Lawrenceville, Georgia:

Your contact in Dallas, Greg Moore, is doing exactly the right thing.  Just walk by the “masks required” signs and go about your business. It’s one of those social media memes, “WHAT IF I TOLD YOU . . . YOU COULD JUST WALK BY THE MASKS REQUIRED SIGNS,” with a picture of Laurence Fishburne in shades. Judging from Mr. Moore’s letter he seems to be young – middle age.  I can assure you it works for old goats like myself, too.  I not only shop at Kroger without a mask but I often chat with muzzled customers and employees.  It’s time spent among people, and I crave conversation to offset the growing insanity of isolation.  I have yet to be accosted by a righteous mask-wearer, but if that ever happens I will have (I hope) another lively conversation.

From Detroit, James Nellis informs us:

I haven’t worn [a mask] yet and never will. Unfortunately, getting others to follow my lead is very frustrating. I implore them to at least make an attempt. For example, slip it in your pocket and walk confidently through the front door. If someone stops you or asks you to put one on and you’re uncomfortable with that confrontation, you can acquiesce. Of course, I still think you’re a wimp, but for gosh sakes, quit putting it on in the parking lot before you even reach the door. Being that obsequious is downright disgusting.

Indeed! Where is your spirit, Serfs? Our forefathers held their fire until they saw the whites of the eyes, in Captain Prescott’s famous phrase; hold yours only when you see white teeth. 

To that end, Scott in Colorado describes a most efficacious strategy:

Was to meet a friend at a … pizza place, and I got there a little early.  The signs on every entrance door: “No mask, no pizza”

The moment I walked in, a young masked lady, about 45 feet away yelled from the cooking area, “Where’s your mask, you need a mask.”

I walked over to her, and politely said, “I have breathing problems wearing a mask, so I do not need to wear one.”

“Do you have a doctor’s note?” she shot back.

I nearly throttled her, “It is illegal to ask the medical reasons why.  The ADA can fine you for discriminating against a disabled person $75,000 for the first offense.”

Wow, she backed off. I went to my table to wait for my friend. Another masked employee came over and asked, “I just heard the tail end of your conversation.  Can you explain more?  I don’t understand.”

I went back to the car and brought out my paper listing exemptions, etc, and the ADA ruling on discrimination.  He was impressed.  “I just wanted to find out more,” he said. …

I also shopped at Kroger afterward, and they had the big, “Masks required” sign.  I walked in, all around, and not one “look”.  However, for the first time ever, I was the ONLY unmasked shopper in the store.  We are now at 99.99% compliance.

States/stores/media shout out loud that this is LAW, and they never mention exemptions.  But I’ve read the mandates, and the exemptions are clearly stated.  But nobody reads anymore…

So there you have it. Go forth boldly and in service to the Lord as we defeat the Canaanites–sorry, the Masked Morons!


4:14 pm on July 23, 2020

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