Another Reason to Abolish Leviathan And Its Cages: Children

We all know that “With more than 2 mil­lion men and wo­men locked up in jails and pris­ons na­tion­wide—and with blacks and Lati­nos com­pris­ing a ma­jor­ity—the U.S is the most heav­ily in­car­cer­ated coun­try in the de­veloped world.” Pretty scathing commentary on Leviathan, the idol statists–and far too many Christians–worship. But of course, prison separates each of its victims from relatives, whether parents, siblings, spouses, or kids. Shockingly, “Some 5 mil­lion chil­dren, or roughly 7 per­cent of all chil­dren liv­ing in the U.S., have a par­ent who is cur­rently or was pre­vi­ously in­car­cer­ated…” Can there be a more merciless, heartless beast than the American police-state?

The ma­jor takeaway” from a study of these dire statistics “is that dir­ect in­ter­ven­tions are needed to help keep in­car­cer­ated par­ents con­nec­ted in pos­it­ive ways with their chil­dren, and to have pro­grams that help fam­il­ies, schools, and neigh­bor­hoods to cope.”  No, the major takeaway is that we must abolish a government ruining so many childhoods, especially over such nonsense as what their parents smoke and whether they handed over every penny greedy bureaucrats demand from them or not.


11:44 am on December 16, 2015

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