An Interesting Conversation About a New Book

An Interesting Conversation About a New Book

Letter 1:

FROM: Aleksandar Novakovic []
SENT: Saturday, September 22, 2018 6:16 AM
SUBJECT: Request for permission to include in a publication

Dear professor Block,

I am Aleksandar Novakovic from the Institute of Political Studies in
Belgrade and together with my colleague Dusan Dostanic I work on the
collection of texts on the relation between libertarianism and

The aim of the collection is to explore and elucidate ideological
differences and similarities of these intellectual traditions and
political orientations. The prospective collection should encompass
important contributions on the topic from renowned writers from both
intellectual traditions.

Our plan is to include such classic as Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich
Hayek, Murray Rothbard, conservatives such as Russell Kirk, Wilhelm
Röpke, fusionists (Frank Mayer, Edward Feser), some “neglected”
Austrians (Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn), libertarian-conservatives
(Hans-Hermann Hoppe), popular libertarian voices (Deirdre Mccloskey),
and several contemporary European authors such are Gerd-Klaus
Kaltenbrunner, Friedrich Romig and Alexander Gauland.

With such selection of the authors our aim is to present various ways
in which the notions of libertarianism and conservatism have been
understood today.

I would like to ask your permission to include in the collection a
Serbian translation of your article “Libertarianism and Libertinism.”
published in _Journal of Libertarian Studies_ 11, No. 1
(1994): 117–128.”

We think your paper, published in 1994, enjoys a reputation of
classical elaboration of the essence of libertarianism. The insights
that you have exposed there, especially the idea that cultural
conservatism naturally parallels libertarianism, while libertarianism
cannot, and should not be, reduced to libertinism (which is currently
a strong tendency), presents the valuable contribution for the
general consideration of the relation between conservatism and libertarianism.
If you grant us the permission to translate your paper within the
collection, it will significantly contribute to the overall
theoretical quality of the prospective manuscript.

Here are details about our project:

* The project is non-commercial, and it addresses mainly academic
* The tentative title of the manuscript: Libertarianism and
Conservatism: the ideological similarities and differences (in
Serbian: Libertarijanizam i konzervativizam: ideološke sličnosti i
* Prospective publisher: Institute for Political Studies (Belgrade,
* Language: Serbian
* Quantity: 300-500 copies
* Realization time: 2019.

If permission granted, it will be duly acknowledged in the
publication. In case you do not hold the copyright on the
above-mentioned material, we would be grateful if you can provide us
with contact information of persons or institutions who we might
contact in order to obtain the proper rights.

Professor Block, thank you very much for your time and consideration.
Should you need additional information about prospective publication,
please contact me.


Aleksandar Novakovic, PhD
Research associate
Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade
phone: +381 11 33 49 204
cell-phone: +381 64 179 3201

Letter 2:

Dear Aleksander:

I am honored to be asked this, and delighted to give my permission.
Copyright to the JLS, I think, rests with the Mises Institute. I have
no doubt they will also give permission. I’m copying two people from
there, one of whom I’m sure will grant you permission for this.

However, two things.

One, my “price” for my permission is one copy of this book.

Two, you might also want to include this article of mine, which seems
even more pertinent to your thesis:

Block, Walter E. 2007. “Plumb Line Libertarianism: A Critique of
Hoppe.” _Reason Papers, _Vol. 29, Fall, pp. 151-163; [1];

There is also the issue of immigration that separates purist
libertarians, like myself, from conservative libertarians, as you
accurately label my friend Hans Hoppe. See below for my pubs on that
subject. I give you permission to use any of those articles as well.

Best regards,


Letter 3:

—–Original Message—–
From: Aleksandar Novakovic []
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2018 4:21 PM
To: Walter Block


8:58 pm on September 25, 2018