Amy Klobuchar and Self-Subjugation

Biden, if he’s nominated, may choose Amy Klobuchar as his running mate. She’s an advocate of the subjugation of the American people, as is Biden, as are the other Democratic candidates and as are nearly all Republicans and nearly everyone in government positions and those who wield power behind the scenes.

Our representative government under our Constitution has resulted in our subjugation, nearly always growing in degree. Anti-freedom forces keep pushing for anti-freedom laws, and they get them, by and large. Calling the results socialism, communism and fascism is not inaccurate, but it’s on the confusing side because these “isms” have a good many disparate features and historical connotations that do not always describe accurately what we are experiencing in America.

In its simplest terms, one is either for every person’s unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, or one is against them. For a more detailed exposition, see here for a discussion of Frances Hutcheson’s explanation of rights and natural law.

Our government passes measures that subjugate us, and we accept the forms of government and elect the people who make these rules. We subjugate ourselves. We suppress our rights. We diminish our freedoms. We enter into our own bondage. The process of restricting our freedoms is a process of self-subjugation.

The legality of our numerous anti-freedom “laws” is only within the malleable and extendible bounds of constitutional, legislative and positive “law-making”. This legality is definitely not within the bounds of lawfulness derived from basic moral features of natural law. In other words, the anti-freedom laws passed by Congress are unlawful when evaluated by the mandates of natural law. Our self-subjugation is unlawful.

Subjugation refers to the vanquishing of a people, usually by military means. Our history includes instances of that, for sure, when might prevailed. That is one reason we obey today. Over more years and events, the subjugation and suppression of freedoms and rights came about through legislative, executive and judicial means that were regarded as “legal”. Legal is never legal when it contradicts what is naturally lawful, which includes unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The legal is by no means the lawful or pro-freedom.

We are taught that our self-subjugation is legal, democratic and a result of democratic processes, some will say. Voting doesn’t make an unlawful measure or unlawful law into a legal law. Anything unlawful in the sense of curtailing our unalienable rights and restricting our lawful freedoms must be illegal; no matter that it is arrived at by a series of governmental procedures that involve voting procedures laid out in our Constitution or otherwise bearing the stamp of approval and legality issued by one or more branches of our government.

Growing self-subjugation has been and is our basic government process. The reverse, growing freedom, is far less common.

Any candidate provides one example after another of adherence to and promotion of self-subjugation via the legal processes of government. Amy Klobuchar, regarded as a centrist, or somewhat left-of-center Democrat is an example. Her positions are summarized here.

Among other things, she’s for

1. “Combination of construction funding [for “affordable housing”] and rent subsidies”
2. “Raise the federal minimum wage to $15/hour”
3. “Support broad paid family and medical leave plans up to 12 weeks”
4. “Cost of College: Two years should be free”
5. “Student Debt: Expand or fix existing debt-relief programs”
6. “Boost teacher pay”
7. “End new oil and gas leases on federal land and end offshore drilling”
8. “Reducing carbon emissions: Impose government regulations”
9. “Pay farmers to adopt climate-friendly practices”
10. “Support a ban on assault weapons” [Quoting this site’s misnomer]
11. “ACA / Coverage Expansion: Build on the ACA’s foundation” [Affordable Care Act]
12. “Opposes Medicare for All, but would expand coverage”
13. “Pay for infrastructure through changing taxes on corporations, the wealthy”
14. “Overseas Deployments: Keep the troops deployed”
15. “Increase the capital gains tax rate”
16. “Raise corporate taxes, but keep rates lower than before 2017”
17. “Expand the EITC” [Earned income tax credit]
18. “Increase existing taxes on upper-income Americans”

She has some positions that advance freedom such as legalizing marijuana. There is no question that the growth of self-subjugation in America is sometimes stemmed in particular places and pieces. This doesn’t stop or reverse the major thrust, which remains the increasing regulation of each person’s life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Self-subjugation is now almost an automatic process that’s taken for granted. The reverse process, which is the advance of freedom, is not what’s commonly viewed as happening. In fact, when groups today talk about advancing their “rights”, they most often are after some extension of government force that tramples on the rights of some others. The very idea of rights and what a proper right is has been shoved aside.

Each generation binds those that follow. Each generation institutes new rules and solidifies the existing ones. Unless a generation rebels from this status quo and this process of solidification, the growth of anti-freedom perpetuates. Most new generations do little or nothing to alter the anti-freedom environment they find themselves in. The sins of the elders are indeed passed on to their children.


9:46 am on March 9, 2020