American Commies (Democrats) Want to Cancel Student Debt

Some of our home-grown socialists/communists (like Sanders and Warren) want taxpayers to assume the debts of students. Others want taxpayers to pay for 4 years of college for everyone else. Each Democrat has a different “plan”. Each plan is one step closer to a totalitarian society. The “argument” over plans among these thieves is over whom to pay off and whom to steal from. Also, how much to steal and by what means.

All their proposals are outrageous. All are undiluted communism. All are unfair in the extreme. All make a mockery of contracts. All subsidize the already-evident socialism and communism that infect colleges.

These proposals are completely antithetical to any sound idea of freedom or liberty. The soundest idea relating to education is to remove the federal government from anything even remotely connected with education.

A certain number of “moderate” Republican communists will sign on to the Democrat plans.

The battle lines should be clarified. On one side are the progressive-socialist-communist-democrats who favor as much big government total control as they can possibly inflict on everyone. On the other side are (or should be) reactionaries who favor strictly limited government (possibly none) and who would look upon dissolving the Constitution and going back to the Articles of Confederation as a great advance in our political system.


5:14 pm on June 24, 2019