Amazon Listmania!

In the midst of the deep state/Big Tech cartel digital war on political opinion that they arbitrarily and capriciously deem impermissible, I want to alert LRC readers to another disturbing facet of this censorial endeavor. A significant portion of revenues to support comes from purchasing items on Amazon. Amazon is one of the most remarkable entrepreneurial success stories of the modern age, lauded for its incredible range of available products and exemplary customer relations. I love Amazon! Over the past dozen years I have purchased thousands of dollars of products from them. During that time I have also created 126 Listmania! product lists, primarily of books and DVDs. On these lists I provided critical comments or mini-reviews of  the products, favorable or unfavorable. These lists have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of Amazon customers. Accordingly I have received emails from around the world commenting favorably on how helpful these lists have been.

Amazon has completely eliminated this Listmania! feature for customers. It no longer posts Listmania on products or publishes this kind of statistical information. Instead it has created something called Idea Lists, which are completely void of customer commentary on the products listed. Where I had 126 Listmania!, I now have only 100 sterilized Idea Lists, with 26 lists “disappeared” down the Orwellian Memory Hole. In my numerous articles and blogs at LRC I have always made a conscious effort to include reference and linkage to these older Listmania! for readers seeking more information on the topics which I discussed. From examining internal discussion on Amazon customer forums and rather vague statements from Amazon representatives it appears that Amazon was in the purging process of totally phasing out this long-standing Listmania! feature of product lists created by Amazon customers for the benefit of other Amazon customers. I believe that this detrimental course of action is a very serious mistake for enhancing increased future product sales and unnecessarily poisoning good customer relationships with both potential and long established customers. It amounts to foolishly cutting your own nose off to spite your face.

If you are like me and a long-standing Amazon customer please contact them and express how you feel concerning the discontinuation and death of Listmania!

(NOTE: For the intellectually curious, some of the “disappeared” Listmania! include Socialism As Mass Psychosis; The Red Decade; Southern Secession and Revolutionary Self-Determination; Abraham Lincoln, Slavery, and the Civil War; A Researcher’s Guide to Resources Concerning the JFK Assassination;  The Enlightenment, Freemasonry, Illuminism, & the Religion of Humanity; Court Historians — Servile Scribes of State Power; several lists of revisionist books and documentaries on WWII; Pearl Harbor; and Walter Karp.)


4:57 am on August 14, 2018