Am I Guilty of Treason?

Which is a capital offense, subject to the death penalty.  Yikes!  I’m worried about this because the latest attack on the president of the United States by the LMS (Lying Media Scum) has to do with an American citizen who is a Washington, D.C. lawyer/lobbyist who was allegedly at that meeting with Donald Trump, Jr.  The diabolical part of the story is that, although this man has been in America for decades, he was born in Russia.  It gets worse.  As a young man he was in the Russian military! (As were all young men back in those days).  Aha!  Gotchya!  Caught ’em “red” handed! (Get it?).  Treason!!!  Hang ’em all from the highest tree!!!

I myself am worried about this because I, too, recently had some lengthy conversations with a man who has been an American citizen for a very long time, but who was also born in Russia. My old friend Yuri Maltsev and his family visited two weeks ago while staying at their time share in South Florida.  Like the man of Russian origin who met with young Trump, Yuri was also in the Russian Army for a very short time.  I’d better hire that Trump lawyer who cussed out the ignorant and nasty emailer the other day.  He sounds like a tough guy.  Why can’t I have friends who were born in England, Mexico, Italy, Peoples Republic of Massachusetts, anywhere but Russia?!  Meanwhile, I’d better make sure my Korean friend is really from South Korea, as he claims, or I could end up getting two death penalties.



10:14 am on July 15, 2017