Advice for Newly Married Men

Congratulations. Here’s my advice to all newly married men.

You’re in charge of all the important family decisions. Environmental policy, the UN, should we ban plastics, who should be the next president? What about free trade? What should our policy toward Russia be?

Your wife is in charge of all the unimportant decisions. Where to live. How the both of you should dress. How many kids to have.  What restaurant to eat at? Who does which chores. Any and all other such unimportant decision.

I’ve been with my wife for almost 50 years. So far, this advice has worked for me.

Also, whenever you get into an argument with her, make sure you get in the last word. Well, actually, the last two words. And what are they, pray tell? They are these: “Yes, dear.”


8:31 am on August 11, 2019