Adin Ballou

I was recently informed about Adin Ballou (1803-1890). Now, I don’t care much for his politics or economics, but his anti-war viewpoint is music to my ears:

What was the practice of the Apostles, after the resurrection of Christ, when fully ensued with power and grace from on high? Did they ever slay any human being? Ever threaten to do so? Ever make use of any deadly weapon? Ever serve in the Army or Navy of any nation, state, or chieftan? Ever seek or accept any office, legislative, judicial, or executive, under existing governments of their day? Ever make complaint to the magistrates against any offender or criminal, in order to produce his punishment? Ever commence any prosecution at law to obtain redress of grievances? Ever apply to the civil or military authority to protect them by force of arms when in imminent danger? Or ever counsel others to do anyone of these acts? Did they ever express, by word or deed, their reliance on political, military, or penal power to secure personal protection, or to carry forward the Christianization of the world? I answer confidently,  NO.” ~ Christian Non-Resistance (1846)


12:49 pm on March 28, 2015