Aborting the Pro-Life March

Mark Higdon’s wife will confirm his

predict[ion] on Jan. 6 that [the 2021 DC March for Life]–long scheduled for Jan. 29–would be cancelled. Not by its organizers, but by the new administration. Given the über-boldness of dissent-crushing events over the past few days, I am even more certain of this. If so, it would be the first time ever. Will marchers defy the cancellation? Many will not. What will happen to those who persist? It will make the persecution of Nick Sandmann look like a citation for spitting on the sidewalk, by comparison.

What will the USCCB do or say? Probably direct Catholic marchers to stay home, and order parishes to cease and desist indefinitely all pro-life marching expeditions. Given the facility with which the US etal prelates/quislings voluntarily shut down churches in toto last spring, only the unexceptionably-dedicated Catholic pro-lifers will defy such orders. The rest–if they still attend Mass at all–will obediently approach for (holy?) communion with alcohol-sanitized hands extended to masked “eucharistic ministers.” What of any substance will they receive?

Christians’ days of “white” martyrdom in the US are nearly over. “Red” is coming on fast, aided and abetted by our Catholic “leaders.” Wow! Wouldn’t we like to see them at the forefront of the faithfuls’ witness, instead of denying or hiding from it?

Pray that I’m wrong. No one hopes for that more than I do.


9:54 am on January 14, 2021