A Way to Achieve Independence Through Peaceful Means

Here is a way for those Americans who want it to achieve greater political independence than they currently have. The idea is simple. Collect into and form separate groups, each with its own charter and constitution, each one providing that group’s desired social-political framework. These groups can form along any number of dimensions that provide each with common grounds that unite the members of that group.

These separate groups cannot achieve independence by separate action. That will give rise to the “Waco” phenomenon of suppression, subjecting them to the overwhelming force of existing governments. To avoid that, these groups need to coordinate. That gives them the substantial numbers they need so that they cannot be forcibly suppressed. The groups should have a significant presence in every state in the union. Coordination allows them to choose a single common date on which they all individually declare independence. Coordination also allows them to negotiate a post-independence set of understandings that guides them in those activities where their members mesh with and interact with one another. This confederating guidance has to be accomplished beforehand, and it is easily as challenging as forming separate groups, because it requires agreement among groups who otherwise probably differ considerably on various issues. Any kind of United Groups of America (UGA) cannot be a government over all with the kinds of broad powers possessed by the USA.

This kind of pathway cannot be traveled without considerable toleration and adherence to the non-aggression principle. It can’t be done without facing a host of issues relating to joint matters. There should be a cross-group payments system in place. Assets have to be removed from the existing system so that they cannot be seized. Although violence is to be strenuously avoided, there may still be the need for a cross-group militia that has either a local presence or the capacity for a defensive show of force in localities. It may be possible for this kind of movement to proceed gradually within the existing framework and finally culminate in an independence declaration.

The idea is basically a declaration of panarchy done in a way that is widespread, such that existing governments have limited options in dealing with it. Specifically, the idea is to make it extremely difficult if not impossible for them to use force of arms to prevent its implementation. At the same time, it allows all those people who wish to stay with their present governments to do so.

I assume that existing governments will not allow personal and group “secessions” of this kind. They will not pass legislation allowing this to happen. However, they cannot stand up against mass movements. Such a mass movement is at the heart of this conception.


6:57 pm on June 25, 2015