• A Wag-the-Dog Incident at the (“Gun-Free”) Washington Navy Yard?

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    In the 1997 movie “Wag the Dog” a Hollywoood producer assists the president in diverting public attention from his sex scandal by  making a fake news story about a non-existent war in Albania.  Was this also the case at the Washington Navy Yard yesterday?  How could a shooting have occurred there if it is a gun-free zone, as has been widely reported?  Every right-minded person knows that criminals and madmen always obey every law and regulation in society.  Every right-minded person knows that all gun-control laws are ironclad guarantors of personal safety because of this reality about criminals and madmen.  Every right-minded person understands that the dominant ideology of the U.S. military is — and should be — feminism and its anti-male, anti-gun hysteria.   It’s like magic, you know.  Pass a law saying that people should play nice, and they will play nice.  Period.  Case closed.

    Statists will never give up on the above argument because their main objective in life is to constantly pontificate to the world that THEY are morally superior, and that this moral superiority gives them the “authority” to order the rest of us around.  It is their reason for living. It is why totalitarians are totalitarians.  They would rather commit suicide than give up on this belief.  Thus the mere announcement that one is “for gun control” or “for the minimum wage” is always sufficient.  Generations of accumulated evidence about the idiocy of such policies is irrelevant because their purpose is not public safety or reduced poverty but posturing as The Most Morally Pure People on the Earth.   And of course to personally profit from the creation and administration of monstrously large bureaucracies to administer all of these life-destroying government programs.

    UPDATE:  Vlad P. writes to remind us that the perpetrator was: 1) a government employee; 2) went to government schools in NYC; 3) government “healthcare” failed to treat him for his mental illness and probably caused it; 4) government law enforcement gave him free passes to behave badly with guns on two occasions.  Vlad predicts that the government/media cabal will blame us for this  in the days to come.



    7:52 am on September 17, 2013