A Taste of Life Before The Medical Police-State

A restaurant in Denver, Colorado, re-opened for Mother’s Day, “filling tables, a patio and forming a line out the door for dine-in service.” Equally thrilling, there’s not a mask in sight nor “anti-social distancing”, but you’ll behold a T-shirt demanding “Freedom” and lots of happy customers in the picture at the link!

…a Twitter account for the restaurant declared it was reopening to stand “for America, small businesses, the Constitution and against the overreach of our governor in Colorado!!”

Hear, hear! Not to quibble, but you should have done this months ago!

[C&C Coffee and Kitchen owner April] Arellano also wrote on Facebook that she “would go out of business if I don’t do something,” and said that “if I lose the business at least I’m fighting.”

“We are so behind,” she said in a comment on her post. “We have complied for two months. We cannot make it on $200/day sales when 2 staff cost me $250 not counting, food, cost, utilities and rent.”

Arellano also posted a brief live video on her Facebook page showing the crowd in the restaurant.

“So much for some of those people saying nobody would show up,” she said in the video. “Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the support, guys. I got to get back to work.”

Naturally, Gov. Jared “Pol Pot” Polis’ 

office on Sunday issued a statement calling such conduct illegal and dangerous.

“These restaurants are not only breaking the law, they are endangering the lives of their staff, customers, and community…”

They may be endangering them, buddy, but your despotism has absolutely destroyed society, livelihoods, and the economy. 

Alas, I interrupted Pol Pot just as he was about to recommend snitching:

“…Coloradans can contact their local public health department if they believe someone is violating Safer at Home.”

The louse who took Pol Pot’s advice had placed a to-go order with C&C Coffee and Kitchen but almost died of horror—another death for C-virus!—when he arrived to pick it up:

“It was unbelievable,” [Nick] Whitehill said.

Wearing a mask,—

April Arellano has a lot more patience than I: I’d have refused him service over that.

—he went in to pick up his order, which he’d paid for. But then he left, without his food, after realizing that staffers weren’t wearing masks that customers weren’t practicing social distancing, he said.

Is there a lower worm than the busybody who allows other people’s fun to destroy his appetite?

Whitehill posted photos of the crowd on the social media site Twitter to warn others not to go to the restaurant and to “shame” the eatery, he said.

Wanna bet this guy was the class tattle-tale in school? He’s probably got a severe case of acne, too, and B.O.

Whitehill said he also filed a complaint with the … Health Department…

I’m sure that Michael Geary, who forwarded this story, joins me in urging Coloradans to avenge themselves on this rat fink as Missourians did on theirs. 



12:17 pm on May 11, 2020

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