A Story to Recall the Next Time Fauxchi Bloviates on TV

Mr. Anonymous shared this anecdote about the media’s dishonesty when he responded to Leviathan’s Daily Tribune:

Back in 2013 after that Malaysian airliner disappeared and there was all the speculation I was … working as an aircraft mechanic and one day I was sitting with some coworkers and a TV was showing one of the news channels as they were talking about that jet disappearing. …[I]n this group of 4-5 people there was probably 100 years of experience working on aircraft …and there is little that …[we] didn’t know about aircraft systems. That day though as we were sitting around half watching tv the network brought on an “aviation expert” who I’m not sure said a single correct thing about aircraft or their systems or the FAA regulations or anything else, except presumably his name. But as bad as it was, a few of my coworkers were starting to question their own knowledge because a “tv expert” who has probably never done anything with aircraft except ride as a passenger on an airliner said differently. Then one or two were sitting around asking “how can that expert be so wrong” type questions. Meanwhile, I was more just amazed by how wedded to credentials the media was that they brought on a know nothing professor when any pilot or aircraft mechanic could probably give better information in their sleep and there are literally millions of such people around the world.

Ditto for all the “experts” blowing smoke about the plandemic.


7:00 pm on October 10, 2020