A Shot in the Arm We Can All Applaud!

Watch and be inspired as a fierce lover of liberty named Audra Morgan defies San Diego’ Board of Supervisors! In her first remarks, she humorously chides them for “trying to throw me off.” But there’s nothing funny about the rest of her speech with its thrilling demands for freedom!

Ms. Morgan castigates the Board for destroying “every one of our civil rights.” Then she dramatically turns the podium away from them and towards the audience to illustrate her point that living free is up to us: if we don’t refuse to “play their game,” the plandemic with its decimation of our lives and liberties will rage unabated. At one point, she’s near tears—and you will be, too.

The “supervisors” repeatedly interrupt and harass her to “stay on topic,” as if their enslavement of us isn’t the topic of the last 18 months. They also send their Masked Moron of a sheriff to stand directly behind Ms. Morgan. But none of their tricks intimidate her as she urges folks to rebel.

If you need encouragement to continue fighting the communism engulfing our country, Ms. Morgan’s your gal. Thanks to Kevin Taylor for alerting us to this magnificent heroine!


11:17 am on September 23, 2021