A Sends B a Letter Through the Mail; Who Owns That Letter?

Dear Richard:

I agree with you entirely.

I would also extrapolate to snail mail.

Suppose I send you a letter on a piece of paper. Who, now, owns it? I think you do. In effect, I made you a gift of a piece of paper with my writing on it.

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From: Richard Gaylord

Sent: Monday, December 23, 2019 11:01 AM

To: Walter Block


what is the Libertarian position on e-mails. is it okay to forward e-mail from one person to another without asking for permission? i guess what it amounts to is who has property rights of e-mail – the sender or the recipient? my view has always been that once i send an e-mail out on the internet, it no longer belongs to me and anyone who can access it, has the right to read it or post it. it may be good manners to ask the author for permission but it is not necessary to do so. (and when i send an email to more than one individual, i list all of the recipients in the cc section (i rarely use  bcc) so all the recipients will be known


2:41 am on February 16, 2020