A Party of Psychopaths

Kamala Harris. Another female, authoritarian, psychopathic politician.

Watch her expression and eyes when she announces “prosecuting parents for truancy.” Then watch her get all giddy about it, and laugh, as she freely admits that the decision to prosecute families over truancy was predicated on whether or not she would have an opponent in her reelection bid. She refers to her power as “political capital” and points out that, as a prosecutor, she has “a huge stick.” Then she proceeds to brag about sending out threatening letters to parents and “having the intended effect” upon people receiving and reading the letters.

I found a ‘checklist’ online indicating the traits of a psychopath: All boxes checked in one 96-second video.

-glib and superficial charm.
-grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self.
-need for stimulation.
-pathological lying.
-cunning and manipulativeness.
-lack of remorse or guilt.
-superficial expression of emotion.
-callousness and lack of empathy.


6:48 am on August 18, 2020