A Note to Some Critics

If during the presidency of George W. Bush I had written the article of mine that was published today, my inbox would have exploded with hate mail. Now, not so much. I want to make a brief reply to six representative critics in the hope that it might help others, critic or not.

  1. Calling me names makes it look like you are unable to respond with reasonable criticism.
  2. Using profanity makes you look frustrated and foolish.
  3. Not honoring the fallen does not mean that I am mocking the military or sneering at dead soldiers.
  4. Some say that the actions of the U.S. military are all the fault of the politicians, not the soldiers, who just obey orders. But that is exactly what the problem is: obeying orders to bomb, maim, and kill people who were no threat to the United States.
  5. “Can’t help but think that if you were noticing what so many of the passengers on the plane were doing, you could not have been doing that much reading of LewRockwell.com on your phone.” Do I even need to respond to this?
  6. Saying that fallen U.S. soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice in SERVICE of their country doesn’t make it so.

4:57 pm on December 5, 2017