A Moldovan Take on Putin

James Delingpole, the delightfully British journalist, wrote a very funny post on his trip to Moldova.

He came for a conference held by fellow dissidents of the New World Order. The organizer of the conference, Iurie Roșca, is now under a big law fare attack in Moldova.

The organizer discussed Putin with James. James writes, “There is a temptation among Awake people in the West to imagine that somehow Vladimir Putin is a White Hat alternative to the encroaching New World Order. But Putin really isn’t, as Roșca explained to me in one of our chats. Putin talks the talk and says things – on Wokeism, on Christianity, on tradition – that the Red Pilled like to hear. Unfortunately, he was handpicked for the role some time back by Henry Kissinger, and is a puppet of the Khazarian Mafia which has been running Russia since the era of the Bolsheviks.”

IMHO, this is only partially correct. Putin is a Russian nationalist. He has seen the Soviet Union collapse, and is shrewd enough to recognize that pure communism is a disaster. Putin’s first job was with the KGB. I don’t think he is a traditional Christian, or an anarchocapitalist. But Putin is like a 19th Century monarch. His personal life may be corrupt, many of his decisions may be corrupt. But he recognizes the need for the people of his nation to support traditional moral codes.

James final comment was, “When I flew out of Moldova only a few weeks ago, I remember flirting with the notion of what an idyllic place it would be to hide out in during the coming globalist tyranny: lots of based, practically-skilled people, many of whom refused to take the jab; no shortage of food. But it was, of course, a delusion. There really is no place to hide. Poor decent Iurie Roșca is just a bellwether. There but for the grace of God go we all.”




12:25 pm on July 7, 2024